The EPDA and Parkinson’s UK want to thank everyone who joined us to #UniteForParkinsons on World Parkinson’s Day. 

You posted a stream of amazing messages, pictures and videos showing that we really are all united by the cause. The #UniteForParkinsons hashtag was used 5815 times across 76 countries on 11 April, smashing our initial target of 50 countries! 

Take a look back at the #UniteForParkinsons wall below.  

What happens next?

Our aim for #UniteForParkinsons in 2017 was always to position 11 April – World Parkinson’s Day – as a platform to grow an active and united global Parkinson’s community that can collectively advocate for concrete change in the treatment and management of the condition.

So, this year’s campaign is just the first step of something much bigger.  

Get in touch if you would like to receive updates on next year’s World Parkinson’s Day.  We’ll also keep you updated with developments on this website.   In the meantime…
  • keep using the #UniteForParkinsons hashtag to post your own messages, hopes and plans for a future without Parkinson’s! 
  • visit the EPDA and Parkinson’s UK websites for comprehensive information about Parkinson’s and our other activities.
  • visit Parkinson’s Life  for high-quality, independent and inspiring personal stories, expert opinions, resources, tools and information about good Parkinson’s practices around the world.
  • join your own national or local Parkinson’s association or support group. We are stronger together.

Thank you all so much! #UniteForParkinsons